Sourdough bread


Sourdough bread from Coombeshead Farm is now available with your veg box.

Many of us at Keveral have enjoyed this bread made by our friends Ben and Tom at Coombeshead. The bread is made of water, flour and salt, and nothing more, using a very mild, not made too sour starter, so that the natural sweetness of the grain predominates.
Whilst the bread is made with organic flour when it is available, not all the ingredients are certified organic and the bread itself is not currently certified as ‘organic’.

We are only supplying 1200g loaves which will cost £3.90 and are only available as an extra to a veg box order.

Please note the price of bread will be going up to £4.20 from 1st January 2025.

We are going to trial the bread for a few months to see if there is a demand from you all so if you think you will like it, give it a go, sooner rather than later!

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