COVID-19 Box Handling Process


Process to follow when handling your box

1. Wash your hands before collecting the box from your designated delivery place (your porch, parcel box etc) and clean a surface in your kitchen

2. On the day of delivery place the box on a clean surface in your kitchen and empty the contents into your fridge or cupboards. Do not store vegetables in your box

3. Fold your box flat by pressing the centre bottom of each end under the handles and push towards the middle of the box.

4. Place the box in the plastic bag provided, and fold the end over. Please do not tie the end of the bag as our drivers will leave the bag for you to reuse.

5. Place the bag containing the box back in the designated place for collection the following week.

6. Please pay online, but if you cannot do so leave a cheque or cash in a bag or envelope (reused OK) in or under the plastic bag as we are taking specific precautions when handling cash.

7. Please observe the 2 meter space between yourselves and our delivery staff.

Failure to follow this procedure may mean that we cannot safely continue to deliver our lovely fantastic organic veg fruit and eggs to your home.

Thank you!

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