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The Keveral Community of Growers brings together innovative farms located in South East Cornwall

Keveral Farm sits high above the South Cornwall coast near Seaton, around five miles from Looe. It has supported a community of growers since the early seventies becoming one of the first Soil Association Certified farms.

seanThe produce boxes are packed at Keveral Farm and is run by a collective of growers from Keveral itself as well as local growers from around South East Cornwall.  The packing barn sits in the middle of the action on the farm, surrounded by the apple press, chickens and a range of other buildings that the community have big plans for. Down a short and winding lane a series of polytunnels huddle together and supply some of the best heritage tomatoes and winter salads that you will ever taste.

Sean O’Neill grows at Keveral and Narkurs Nursery over the valley, growing organic vegetables and salads for the box scheme as well as for restaurants. He has over 15 year’s experience growing and produces a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, notably growing fine micro leaves, herbs and edible flowers as well as salads and tomatoes.

Bill Knight grows in his tunnels and outside areas at Keveral Farm. He specialises in mushroom production and runs courses in Permaculture.

Brian Cavendish grows on his patch at Forest House Market Garden in Herodsfootbrian and across the valley at Skye Grove producing field vegetables and protected crops for the local community, working to enhance the environment through cooperation and education. Brian’s ambition as a grower is to evolve a system using working horses in horticulture that is practical, economical and sustainable. He has many year’s experience working as a biodynamic farmer and gardener.

jim-candyTrerieve Farm is located on the hill opposite Keveral Farm above the Seaton Valley with views down to the beach below. Jim & Marian Candy have farmed here for over 20 years with the help of their four sons, they use an environmentally friendly farm management system which creates an abundance of wildlife has gradually evolved. The farm has been approved for organic production since 2001, and now provides opportunities for walking, educational visits and farm-based holidays.

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