Welcome to the Keveral organic vegetable box scheme


We will be delivering on WEDNESDAY 20th DEC for all customers and then will not deliver again until the 3rd Jan 2018.

You can of course order a larger box than usual for delivery on the 20th – Orders by the 17th Dec please.

Extra Veg Top Up…… We can provide an additional £10 of produce that will last for some time…i.e. potatoes, beetroots, parsnips, carrots, squash, green and red cabbage and onions for anyone who wishes to receive it on the 20th Dec BUT we would appreciate orders in advance by Sat 16th Dec please.


Delivering healthy vegetable boxes to your doormed_veg_10

The Keveral community of growers is a group of producers in South East Cornwall working on small farms and gardens, growing seasonal, organic vegetables and fruit for our delivery boxes.

Delivering on Wednesdays, for a weekly or fortnightly box of lovely fresh, organic and local vegetables

– with fruit boxes as an extra option when ordering a vegetable box.


 Keveral Farm is the oldest soil association certified organic farm   

     large_friut_10                   Soil-Association-logo-brown                 large_veg_12                 Find Keveral Community of Growers on Facebook at www.facebook.com/keveralcommunityofgrowers                 small_veg_8-                                                                                                                                                   
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